Hang some Bells on that Prius

We work in the city and the only way to get around is foot traffic. This city is full of little alleys and hidden spots. So when you leave the building for lunch, run an errand, or getting to the transit system there is a new obstacle. Crossing against the traffic has always been hard, nobody lets you go and they will come inches away from you if you get in their way. There is a new problem a foot the quiet electric hybrid prius. In just the last three weeks, we have had four incidents reported of these tree-hugging folks pulling out of somewhere and almost striking a pedestrian because the pedestrian could not hear them coming. The city is loud and there is always a lot going on, but these cars are so quiet they have become a danger. So if you are one of these save the whale, do not eat meat, tree hugging Prius owners we would ask that you hang some bells on your car. This way we can hear you coming, it does not have to be a cowbell, or a jingle bell, but something so your battery operated car does not kill one of us. Thanks.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 49 days 
National Debt 11/28/1998 5,603,956,518,285.54
National Debt 11/28/2008 10,661,174,903,807.68

I’ve got a wicked demon who somehow never fades
I’ve got an empty feeling I won’t be home today
W. Axl Rose Shackler’s Revenge (2008)

29 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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