Turning $hit into a hit

File this under people will buy anything, or people will try to sell anything. At the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois they were looking for creative ideas for the gift shop. They came up the idea of selling Christmas ornaments that were partly manufactured by reindeer. The zoo staff is make decorations out of excrement from the zoo’s two reindeer. The fresh droppings are gathered up by┬áthe zoo maintenance workers then they are dried, clear-coated and either painted or rolled in glitter. The shiny or painted do-do is given the creative name magical reindeer gem ornaments. They are supplied with a label of authenticity. Then sent of to the zoo gift shop where they are being sold for five dollars a pop or poop. There was no report on the state of sales of the project. The Miller Park Zoo offers many exhibits and Zookeeper interaction opportunities. Some highlights include: sun bears, reindeer, Sumatran tiger, sea lions, snow leopard, red panda, lynx, Galapagos tortoise, bald eagles, pallas cats, and red wolves. The Zoo features many large exhibits such as a Wallaby WalkAbout, Zoolab, Children’s Zoo, Animals of Asia, Katthoefer animal building and reinder poop to hang on your Christmas Tree.

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