Facebook Chew and Screwed

We at Tea512 love a good Facebook stupid story. We have mentioned on several occasions in the past that people from police, to lawyers, to neighbors have been using Facebook and MySpace pages against the author. A story out of Australia is another example. At the Melbourne seafood restaurant Seagrass the owners were left holding a $340 check when diners ate their way through the menu, choosing everything from pairing oysters, trout and red emperor balanced off with some expensive wines. Then when they went outside for a smoke they took off and never returned. Details are not clear but one of the diners asked about a waitress that used to work there remembered the owner. The owner then tracked down her Facebook page and moved from one group of friends to another when the face of the one of dinners appeared. The picture was of him and his girlfriend, one of the other culprits. The Facebook page told them where they worked the owner of Seagrass called the restaurant and explained what had happened. A few hours later the dinners returned paid the bill and gave a generous tip, the owner of the other restaurant then fired them as their services would no longer be needed. Remember when you could not trust anything you read on the Internet, chat rooms full of people pretending to be someone else. These days everybody is laying out their life on an open page, where they are to the minute on twitter, this is all well and good until you try to get back on the down low as it may never be possible again.

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