Black Friday

Well today is the day the stores open before most people open their eyes. The onslaught of commercials about the time you can start you shopping seems to indicate 5am is the international starting time. Kohl’s a local department store was going to open at 4am. This exercise has begun a while a go and seems to be a lasting tradition. The economy and consumer spending has trended down since September so retailers are holding their breathe it will be shopping as usual. The proof will be if people decide their holiday spending should be cut from last years totals. Some believe that if you spent $2000 last year there is good chance you only spend $1500 to $1750. We believe that everyone will try to cut in places but not in the holiday gift buying. There maybe less of a gift for the mailman, doorman, and parking lot attendant. There maybe less money spent on gifts that are for not immediate family members. We believe that when it comes to giving there will be less skimping done then economists believe. The holiday season will be different for the 240,000 people that lost their jobs last month and they will cut back the most. Retailers are ramping up by deeping discounts on already owned store inventory before over purchasing more, only time will tell but the official start has begun and soon the numbers will tell all.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 53 days 

National Debt 11/25/1998 5,596,997,375,067.14
National Debt 11/25/2008 10,658,356,277,853.89

33 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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