Guns N Roses CD Chinese Democracy is OUT

This is a great day, a day we have waited for at least 17 years. Today we have a brand new Guns N Roses CD Chinese Democracy in my hands. Loyal readers know we have been putting GNR song lyrics of interest every day. We have been fans since we saw them in a small club in Boston in 1988. Since that day we had seen them in concert over 15 times, in six different states, in a club, a theatre, an arena, and a stadium. We saw them backup the Rolling Stones and share a double bill with Metallica. We understand most people do not think this is a great moment as the band called Guns n Roses has only one original member. There are others that know Axl Rose is the sound of GNR but the melody provided by Slash will never be captured without him. We will admit the album could have been called The Axl Rose Project and not had dissention amongst fans. The truth is for better or worse all those other members left the band and Axl Rose never did. So first remember to go to and get your free soda. They said they would give out a free soda to everyone in America if Chinese Democracy came out in 2008, so pay up pepper. We will spend the rest of the day listening to the disc and bask in the glow of the greatness that is GNR.


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