Cleaning up the clutter

There have been a few things this week we want to point out but they were not post worthy by themselves. Therefore, we clump them, together here. First is the vote buy the democratic leadership in congress on Joe Lieberman. The vote was 42-13 letting him keep his chair on the homeland security committee. This guy walked step for step with McCain during the campaign, spoke at the RNC convention and even slung mud at president elect Obama. If these democrats cannot even get enough votes together to this done, we are in for a long 112th congress in 2009. Speaking of president elect, Obama the other issue is with the title. Charles B. Rangel was on television the other night talking about the economy and he repeatedly said, “President Obama needs to do this”, last time I checked he had not been sworn in. It could be just splitting hairs but the term president elect is available for a reason. Te last issue is did anyone expect CEO or major car corporations to fly coach to DC from Michigan. Maybe if congress could spend less time grandstanding and getting thins done we would be in better shape. Since the economy has taken a down turn, has anybody noticed congress spent a lot of last year worrying if a football team taped games and if Roger Clemons shot steroids in his ass? Maybe they should have been watching the USA’s ass instead of baseball players.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 61 days

National Debt 11/19/1998 5,591,105,215,418.59
National Debt 11/19/2008 10,652,323,523,227.98

I’d look right up at night
And all I’d see was darkness
Now I see the stars alright
I wanna reach right up and grab one for you
W. Axl Rose So Fine (1991)

2 days Until release of Chinese Democracy from Guns ‘n’ Roses

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