Another Insider to the Cabinet

Rahm Emanuel is the Obama chief of staff as well as a veteran of the Clinton White House. The Barack Obama transition team has enlisting former Senate leader Tom Daschle as his health secretary. If you are keeping score this is the third Washington insider selected for the Cabinet. The more these selections are made the less it appears there is going be the kind of change Obama spoke of before he was elected. Tom Daschle the former South Dakota senator has been selected to head the Department of Health and Human Services, just like the other leaks it has not yet announced although it is everywhere. This will be an important position as president-elect Obama promised major health care reforms. This appointment also flies in the face of another Obama promise as Daschle never left Washington after he lost his senate seat. He has been working for the lobbyist firm Alston & Bird. This accompanied by the lobbyist actions of his wife who has been a Washington lobbyist of behalf of the airlines for years. We are starting to see a trend and the Washington insiders are getting a hold on the government. This is not what Obama claimed would happen at election rally after rally. There is an argument that the best people are the people that know from the inside as opposed to learning on the job. So it is another wait and see what happens decision except we seem to be saying that a lot lately.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 61 days

National Debt 11/18/1998 5,586,312,225,504.63
National Debt 11/18/2008 10,660,417,854,472.29

4 days Until release of Chinese Democracy from Guns ā€˜nā€™ Roses

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