NebuAd might pay the piper

There is nothing worse then being sneaky. This is why we were so against the Redwood City, California Company NebuAd Inc. If you remember we told about the technology they created for tracking website habits for ISP’s. They would track your traffic then they could target you for as around what you like to do. Turns when the people found out what was happening they are now suing. The suit is against both NebuAd and the six ISP that used the service. We also told you about the practice these ISP used to tell their customers they were using the service. The lawsuit is for $5 million in damages, with a request to make it a class action suit for all of the ISP customers that were tracked. The technology the suit claims is an invasion of privacy as all the information for a user was kept. We hate this, information sweeping idea as well as disguising it as a away to make the online experience better. The problem is all the information goes somewhere attached to your name and address. We are aware this information is available to the ISP it is part of the service but getting another company involved moves the information out into a place where it can never return.

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