McCain’s People thru Sarah Under the Bus

Sometime you can become ashamed of what you hear and it can almost destroy your faith. The latest from the McCain camp over the last few days has been nothing but lame. They have been leaks all over the media basically blaming Sarah Palin for the loss. This is laughable as if you think she may have lost the republican the election that claim is valid. The truth is McCain was losing in the polls but anywhere from 12-15% before he picked her. When it was all said and done he lost by 7%. So the dirty truth is reports of serious doubts about her knowledge of civics and current events. She was unfamiliar with parts of NAFTA, and world geography. There have been claims about wardrobe costs of more than $200,000. These things have made us hang our head in shame with the McCain people. The reason the election was lost was because McCain refused to take the gloves off. To Monday morning quarterback that she cost the ticket the election is laughable. We will admit since McCain did not get any conservative democrat votes, middle of the road republicans, and independents, there is a good chance Palin did not help there. The McCain people can blame anyone from Bush, economy, bailout, or the war. The bottom line is with all this mounted up against them they only lost by less than eight million votes. The truth is the hill was to much to climb, Sarah Palin could not close it and we are not sure even Reagan could have made up the votes needed. The best thing to do is let it go, because it is over and John McCain’s time has passed and Palin is not going anywhere.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 73 days

An now you’re blowing smoke
I think you’re one big joke
Me…I got to lot to learn
An I’m still waiting for the heads to turn
W. Axl Rose Shotgun Blues (1991)

15 days Until release of Chinese Democracy from Guns ‘n’ Roses

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