Election Hang over Follow Up

Well it was nice to watch TV last night without any political ads. Never thought we would be so happy for plan old furniture stores and car spots. Something’s are not decided about election 2008. The two that jump out at us are Minnesota senator race where unbelievably Al Franken is within a 1000 votes of becoming a Senator. This is a huge leap considering there was a time in the campaign when only one person showed up to hear him speak. We will be watching, as an automatic recount has been scheduled and the lawyers are getting ready from both sides. The other is the issue in California although there is still only 99% of the vote counted. Barack Obama grabbed all 55 Electoral College votes with a 61%-37% win in the popular vote. Oddly enough with so many people voting democratic, the ban on gay marriage is ahead 52%-48% with about a 500.000 vote lead. If this total continues and ballot question passes this presents a bigger issue. For the last four and half months, there have been 16,000 gay marriages in California. Are these people no longer married? Do they have an option to fight in court? Will they be grandfathered in? Needless to say there are something’s that will keep this election on the front pages for days to come.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 75 days
National Debt 11/4/1998  5,555,731,529,597.33
National Debt 11/4/2008 10,566,146,196,490.58

I read it on a wall
It went straight to my head
It said “Dance to the tension
of a world on edge”
W. Axl Rose Garden of Eden (1991)

17 days Until release of Chinese Democracy from Guns ‘n’ Roses

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