Election Day 2008

Hello, it is Election Day and if our morning at the polls is any indication, there are many people showing up. We opened the polls in our hometown and waiting in a line to get in at 7AM. We waited until we got our shot, so it is done for 2008. The best news is that the political ads will come to halt tonight. We live in Massachusetts so it is not a battle ground state as the out come is a given. We could not imagine how bad it must have been in Ohio, Florida, and this year Pennsylvania. We urge everyone to get out and vote no matter the candidate as it makes it more genuine when you complain. So remember get out and vote, do not walk away because the lines are long, do not walk away because NBC say they now the winner before you voted. Do not walk away because your state is hopelessly in the pocket of one candidate or the other. Just vote, take the time to make your voice be heard. One of the greatest rights in this country is the right to vote and it is not shared by many of our friends around the world.

Countdown to Election Day 2008: Today
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 77 days

19 days Until release of Chinese Democracy from Guns ‘n’ Roses

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