Bloomberg Get his third time

We had reported in the past we thought Bloomberg had enough muscle (money) to get his way. Yesterday the New York city Counsel voted 29-22 to allow Mayor Bloomberg to seek a third term. Something that the great Rudy Giuliani was not even allowed to even bring to a vote. The backroom deal that was spearheaded by city Council President Christine Quinn moved when she had enough votes to get it through. There was huge cheer let out in the governor’s mansion, as now Governor David A Paterson does not have Bloomberg opposing him at least not in the next election. So this battle is by no means over as it is probably on to the Courts. It could go on the ballot as early as next year as it was in 1993 and 1996. The opposition has some teeth this time and they probably will have help from past opponents, including the cosmetics heir billionaire Ronald S. Lauder. When it all play out it will be interesting to see if it passes how it will affect Bloomberg and Quinn. Other candidates were heard crying after the vote, as an open seat would have been an easier fight. A Short list of who has been mentioned Rep. Anthony Weiner, Councilman Tony Avella, Councilman David Weprin, and Comptroller William Thompson Jr. today Bloomberg got his way but at what cost we will have to wait and see.

Countdown to Election Day 2008: 11 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 88 days

National Debt 10/22/1998 5,548,924,067,817.40
National Debt 10/22/2008 10,495,669,391,439.70

Prayers in my pocket
And no hand in destiny
I’ll keep on moving along
With no time to plant my feet
W. Axl Rose (1991)Yesterdays

30 days Until release of Chinese Democracy from Guns ‘n’ Roses

Sun Chief switches to Arista

Sun Microsystems chief architect Andreas von Bechtolsheim, is leaving to join a startup to battle Cisco head on. The billionaire responsible for some of the best selling computer systems in the world is headed to Arista Networks. They have built an ultra-fast network switch that costs one-tenth the price of Cisco switches. Bechtolsheim will serve as chairman and chief development officer of Arista which up until last week was known as Arastra. They have also tabbed Jayshree Ullal as chief executive from Cisco. The third member added to the team is Stanford University professor, David R. Cheriton, as chief scientist. The best part about this story is the full circle of it. Bechtolsheim and Cheriton in 1996, sold the company Granite Systems, for $220 million, to Cisco who turn the technology into top-selling products. They have 10 gigabit backbone switch that can update on the fly. The product is already being used in targeted section of the markets and has government uses. The company has only fifty employees and is moving into a market that could be a five billion dollar industry over the next three to five years.

R dreams 4 losers

When I was younger, a guidance counselor asked, “What are your plans?” As a bright-eyed ninth grader, I told him “to be the starting centerfielder for the Boston Red sox” this was my first dream. He steered me toward college as a fall back in case that did not work out. In High School, I dreamed of being the next Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen, played in a hundred garages, a couple clubs, even a couple High School Musicals, that was as good as it gets. When I graduated from high school I went to college to become a disc jockey, if I could not influence people with my music, I could make a difference with other peoples. That dream died due to financial crisis at home and I started working for a living.

Years later, I returned to college nights as dreamed to become a newspaper reporter. While in college by chance I landed a position in a company that was on the way up, locked myself into a good job there and started to make more money then I ever had in my life. When I looked at the starting salary for newspaper reporters, there was no way I could leave what I was doing for that. Over the last ten years, I have moved from company to company earning more money each time I move.

Today I dream to be published fiction writer as I have a few projects in the works. The question is the only successful thing I have is my job, I dare to say I am good at it. This is not what I ever dreamed I would be doing. What I dream of is always so out of reach. The question is what is the point in having dreams? As I grow older it seems fate, right place right time, are the only things that make dreams come true.

Countdown to Election Day 2008: 12 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 89 days

National Debt 10/21/1998 5,543,587,875,319.12
National Debt 10/21/2008 10,467,391,133,731.14

I try and feel the sunshine
You bring the rain
You try and hold me down
With your complaints
W. Axl Rose 14 Years (1991) returns from the ashes

The Palo Alto, California company has returned from obscurity. The newest version will offer digital downloads like iTunes and free music streaming like MySpace without the advertising. The site started as just a CD-trading website, and then changed to a free music browser. The new idea is to combine both technologies. The venture capital money was $35 million from the likes of Warner Music and Bain Capital (Mitt Romney Fame which he left in 1998). They have six million tracks loaded all for free. You can put the song in your music locker to access from any computer with username for ten cent each. You can also upload your own music into the locker from CD or PC. Downloading the songs will be anywhere from 79 to 89 cents without DRM. The only revenue the site will rely on is the track sales and music locker songs. There are 300,000 users in the system and at this pass profitability is within reach. They reported that they need to sell 15 to 20 downloads per each thousand free streams to be profitable. Everybody seems to be on board as they have the blessing of all four major labels and 170,000 independents.

Countdown to Election Day 2008: 14 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 91 days
National Debt 10/17/1998 5,539,382,200,885.97
National Debt 10/17/2008 10,334,206,499,002.15

And all these things are swept aside
By bloody hands time can’t deny
And are washed away by your genocide
And history hides the lies of our civil wars
W. Axl Rose Civil War (1991) – We Love it.

WOW! We just come across a great website. is a monster in the political news arean. Especially the views on the presidential election segment. This site will let anyone report from anywhere. What a great concept. They have people on the ground everywhere, this is truly unfettered results. They even have an incentive plan where Contributors can earn money when they submit news and opinion content. When you reach certain milestones you will earn money depending on the quality and viewership of the reports and contributions. They have a how to guide and a leader board.  The mission statement of the website is a global community that shares news, videos, images and opinions tied to news events and people. It is the first true people’s media. The platform provides the community with the ability to search and navigate a news event by location and category, to share and to have a discussion around it, to emotionally connect with each other’s perspectives and complete the human story. They claim the site is open and highly relevant social media site which is never unedited by humans, where anyone can report and add their voice from anywhere. It is a refreshing change of pace form the lam stream media we are pushed everyday. Think about the story a Sarah Palin political rally where you could have a story from the people that were actually there. Not just a traveling reporter who asks a couple people from the crowd. Think of the possibilities. This site is a must read atleast once a day, and anytime something big happens.

The enchanting Eva Longoria Parker


This week we highlight Eva Jacqueline Longoria Parker who was born March 15, 1975. She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has a degree from Texas A&M in kinesiology. She was named Miss Corpus Christi in 1998. Her first television role was guest appearance in Beverly Hills 90210 and General Hospital. The she got her break in the Young and the Restless in 2001. She had a few parts in some not so successful films and television shows before she landed her breakout role in Desperate Housewives. In 2005 she starred and co-produced the movie Carlita’s secret. She has been seen in movies The Sentinel., Over Her Dead Body, and Harsh Times. She has upcoming releases of Foodfight, where she will play the voice of Lady X and Rebecca in Lower Learning. She also has kept busy with some high profile advertising campaigns and modeling. She holds modeling contracts with both L’Oreal and Hanes. She owns a restaurant in Los Angeles called Beso. Her list of award include winning two ALMA awards, she has won a People Choice Award. She has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards and has been nominated four times. She won two Teen Choice Awards and was also nominated four times. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe and for two Imagen Foundation Awards. Eva is smoking hot and has striking beauty. Every time she appears on the big or small screen she is captivating. She might have the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. We at Tea512 consider Eva’s ravishing beauty will keep her on the Tea512 radar for years to come.

Countdown to Election Day 2008: 15 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 92 days

Now I feel as if I’m floating away
I can’t feel all the pressure
And I like it this way
W. Axl Rose Coma (1991)

Joe the plumber from Ohio

You can see the wrath swarm down on a poor guy who just spoke up. Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio plumber who had the misfortune of Obama showing up in his driveway. He was unfortunate because he did not feel he was in the presence of the messiah. He actually asked Obama a tough question for which he had no answer. How dare he? McCain jumped on the opportunity to whore the plumber using his name 21 times in the last debate on Thursday night. So what happens Friday morning the media biased political machine and left wing groups set out to hammer the guy into submission. Why, that is simple the polls in a presidential election always tighten right before the election. This guy could have thrown a redwood across the tracks slowing down the Obama train. So we find out on Friday Joe owes back taxes, Joe is not a licensed plumber, it is shameless. Not by the plumber by the political machine that first, forced there way onto his doorstep, then must make him pay for just asking a tough question. The fundamental issue Obama wants all the money we make to go back into the system to spread the wealth. He is going to administer this through the tax code. Joe Wurzelbacher the plumber is just a guy who dreams of making it big. When that happens he does not want to have to pay lay abouts. He worked hard for what he wanted and supporting those who are sitting back waiting for a handout is kind of an insult.

Countdown to Election Day 2008: 16 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 93 days
National Debt 10/16/1998   5,539,382,200,885.97
National Debt 10/16/2008 10,331,139,000,845.92

But maybe if I looked real hard I’d
I’d see your trying too
To understand this life,
That we’re all going through
W. Axl Rose Dead Horse (1991)

Strippers ,Shoes and Broken Glass

Some days you just cannot make the news up. There is a story out of the infamous Broward County Florida. A man who was attending a strip club called the Booby Trap. Is that not a great name for a strip club or what? The Pompano Beach club had a performer working the pole. At one point during her routine she lost her shoe. The shoe flew straight up and smashed the glass the ceiling tile. The shoes and the broken glass came crashing down on 35-year-old Charles Privette. He of course is suing for the club employee failed to perform her routine in a reasonably safe manner. Privette lawsuit is for $15,000 as he suffered a small cut to his eyebrow, headaches and nose bleeds because of the January 14 incident of the pole dance with flying shoe. The owner of the club admits this did happen, admit paramedics were called, but he thought injuries were minor. It seems that her at tea512 this should be settled out of court. We think an offer of free entrance to the club and two free lap dances a week would be a great compromise. This seems like it is going to be hard for a person to sue a strip club as both the plaintiff and the defendant are not going to be the seen as outstanding citizens of the community.

Countdown to Election Day 2008: 17 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 94 days
National Debt 10/15/1998   5,539,382,200,885.97
National Debt 10/15/2008 10,331,139,000,845.92

But now we’re down in the deep end
Where they’d love to watch you drown
I said your laundry could use washing
We’ll hang it up all over town
W. Axl Rose Bad Apples (1991)

Obama finally speaks the truth

Obama has finally said something we can agree with. Last night at a concert to raise even more cash for a candidate that is already outspending his opponent 3 to 1. Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel played a concert to raise money for the Obama campaign. The concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom filled with 2000 people at $500 a head. This was not a costly ticket compared to the Streisand $2500 a person a couple of months back. This is just another couple of washed up musicians who have not put out any decent music in years. Playing concerts using songs they wrote many years ago to rock their aging fans. We have no problem with Springsteen or Joel, we do find it hard to believe this is what Obama was listening to as a teenager. If you have learned nothing from tea512 it is that Obama is slick, maybe slicker then Bill Clinton but we have plenty of time to watch that unfold. He is smart though, he was smart enough to say something very wise on the stage at this event. He warned the crowd they should not think it is won. Don’t underestimate the capacity of Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Don’t under estimate our ability to screw it up,” Obama said. He remembers the 17 point lead John Kerry had after his convention, the 10 point lead Gore had after the third debate. Funny thing happened on the way to the polls, America just could not put a liberal in the white house.

Tesla Delays All-Electric Sedan Until 2011

The San Carlos, California company, Tesla Motors which is an electric car start-up. Will now lay off employees for the 250 person staff and delay production of its second car, the Model S. The first was the all-electric Roadster that sold for $90-109,000. The company said it is in a critical phase and is hoping to have a positive cash flow within nine months. The mess is blamed on the current credit situation in the banking industry, the also let go of the companies fourth CEO since 2003. The new model S was to travel 200 miles on a single charge with a price tag around $60,000 slated for a 2010 release. This is an opportunity for General Motors Chevrolet Volt to be released before the Model S. This company has new billionaire money behind it as the list includes Musk (Paypal), Skoll (eBay), and Page & Brin (Google). We at Tea512 are big supporters of electric cars as we see them as the feature if we want to stay moving at high speeds. Travel needs to embrace this technology as well as the American public. General Motors history with an electric car is terrible as well as the American public. We think the times is right as it is the next logical step after the hybrid.
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 18 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 95 days

National Debt 10/15/1998 5,537,594,092,417.87
National Debt 10/15/2008 10,326,055,380,264.11

Don’t damn me
When I speak a piece of my mind
‘Cause silence isn’t golden
When I’m holding it inside
W. Axl Rose Don’t Damn Me (1991)