October in Iraq – US fatalities Drop again

Here is another example of a media bias that is so below the radar it can only be uncovered with an understanding of news cycles. Today it was reported that October had the lowest monthly total of just thirteen fatalities. The sharp decrease is a downward trend that saw 25 in September and 23 in August. The drop in American fatalities is due to the overall security improvements across the country. So why do we say there is a media bias if we can find out all this information. This information comes out by the national press on a Friday afternoon. Let us double dip that by it is a Friday that is Halloween. This means most Americans will be shuffling their kids around from door to door or attending Halloween parties. This story will stay in the news cycle for six hours and will be blown to dust by the latest poll for president come sunlight. Now since we like to be fair the news in not great for Iraqi’s because more of their soldiers, police and civilians are dying. If you are first reading of this here put on NBC, CNN, MSNBC and wait for the report if it is still Friday you have a shot we would say up until 10pm. That is when this report will be pushed to archive and the political campaigns can continue to use the war is a mistake as a talking point. Have you noticed the mentions of the death toll in Iraq have not been heard in a while? That is probably because the number is not increasing as this report states over the last four months, that being said even one US fatalities is too many

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