Hanging Palin – Where is the Outrage?

We at Tea512 believe there is a media bias, so when things pops out that are clear we are going to let you know. There is a controversial Halloween display in West Hollywood a home has hanged an effigy of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin from a noose. The display also includes a mock-up of presidential candidate John McCain sitting in a chimney surrounded by paper flames. We understand the free speech and there right to it, what we are pointing out is the bias nature this is being portrayed in the media. Do you remember the golf analyst who said Tiger Woods competition should take him out to a back alley and lynch him? Her name was Kelly Tilghman she was suspended for two weeks but the media went crazy. Now let us flip this instead the West Hollywood gay community where this incident takes place, let us say in the rural southern Bible belt someone did the same thing, but used Michelle Obama. Would you think it would not be considered a hate crime? Would the people not be arrested? Would the media not be in up in arms running coverage for ten straight news cycles? This is the double standard, this is the media bias, this is when you can point to NBC, MSNBC, CNN and NYT and ask why it is only a passing story and not a full assault?

Countdown to Election Day 2008: 6 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 83 days
National Debt 10/28/1998 5,557,838,604,397.34
National Debt 10/28/2008 10,526,720,156,868.39

I tried so hard just to get through to you
But your head’s so far
from the realness of truth
W. Axl Rose You Ain’t the First (1991)

26 days Until release of Chinese Democracy from Guns ā€˜nā€™ Roses

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