If your are In, your Out

There is only one week until Election Day. We are facing a recession that no one wants to say is happening. The country is facing many problems, banking mess, the housing mess, the war, and energy costs. The problem is not Democrat or Republican it is incumbency. We are declaring at Tea512, if you are as fed up with the politics of the United States as we are here is a plan. November 4, 2008 when you standing in front of the list of politicians running for office. You do not vote for any incumbent. This will send the message that this mess happened under your watch and someone has to pay. Fresh blood to Washington, State and Local politics might be the infusion of change we need. You may have to vote for democrats if you are a republican, or a republican if you are a democrat. We at Tea512 believe they are all responsible and the only way for them to understand how mad we are is someone loses their job.

Countdown to Election Day 2008: 7 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 84 days
National Debt 10/23/1998 5,554,198,090,891.71
National Debt 10/24/2008 10,523,955,355,856.66

My mamma never really said much to me
She was much too young and scared to be
Hell “Freud” might say that’s what I need
But all I really ever get is greed
W. Axl Rose Right Next Door to Hell (1991)

26 days Until release of Chinese Democracy from Guns ‘n’ Roses

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