Germs – now they hit where it hurts

We at Tea512 love two things about being home the TV Remote and an ice Cold beverage. So there is a new study sponsored by Reckitt-Benckiser Inc., the makers of Lysol, and the results are in. If someone in your house has a cold you can rest assure there will be germs on the refrigerator door handle and the TV remote. Once they are there they can live for two days or longer. Two years ago, this same group found that germs survived in hotel rooms a day after guests left, waiting for the next person checking in. Then the researchers contaminated surfaces with mucus and then tested to see if it stuck to fingers when they turned on lights, answered the phone or did other common tasks. More than half of the participants got the virus on their fingertips 48 hours after the mucus was smeared. The Doctor advised frequent hand-washing to avoid spreading germs. This could be the worst news ever if you can not touch the TV remote for 48 hours, or open the fridge until after sanitizing, it is to grim to think about. As the cold and flu season approaches may we should get a personal fridge for the ice cold beverages and a second remote to hide in my briefcase while at work.

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