Baseball rains – supreme = Commissioner Blockhead

We at Tea512 do not like to talk sports on the blog. We love sports but usually bloggers that talk sports are sound like ballwashers for athletes. We must comment on another black eye to baseball and the inept Commissioner Bud Selig. Last night he knew that the whol east coast was under a green cloud (Doppler radar) and playing a four-hour baseball game was going to be tough. He played on anyway, by there was a light rain but it quickly turned to a downpour. There were times the rain was coming down so hard it looked like snow. During the middle innings, the ground crew tried to get as much water as possible of the field. The home plate umpire used a towel to wipe off the plate instead of a whiskbroom. Footing became a problem and the wind chill dropped into the 30’s. By the fifth inning, there was a pool of water at every base. When Pena hit a ball for a single to Rollins, Upton scored to tie the game at two. The throw stopped as it hit a puddle. Then the game was suspended because of rain. Bud Selig should be ashamed that this could have been the last game of the year. These teams played 162 regular season games, two playoff rounds and then be forced to try to fit this one in is a travesty.

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