eBay Feedback System

One of the great things about eBay from the jump was the feedback system. As a buyer you could tell people that the DVD you bought was a copy from China, The shipping took forever, the listing was not what it said, and you got ripped off stay away. This policing of the sellers was a away to keep them honest. When buying something, if the deal looked to good to be true, just check the feedback. Some people begin to leave negative feedback because they were able to. eBay was getting emails to remove feedback, change feedback, and be the go between. So the system worked but they changed it because of this problem. Now you cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer as a seller. As a buyer you can leave negative feedback to a power seller only after seven days. This way the seller can correct the issue. eBay has really changed the rules of the auction service over the last six months. We find this new system to be a change for the worse. Social Network systems are all over the Internet and eBay seems to be moving in the other direction. We think the changes eBay is making are setting themselves up to be pushed out of the market by a rival upstart. There is no one in the neighborhood but rests assure the more they make the site like shopping at the mall the more they are headed for the end.

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