Sun Chief switches to Arista

Sun Microsystems chief architect Andreas von Bechtolsheim, is leaving to join a startup to battle Cisco head on. The billionaire responsible for some of the best selling computer systems in the world is headed to Arista Networks. They have built an ultra-fast network switch that costs one-tenth the price of Cisco switches. Bechtolsheim will serve as chairman and chief development officer of Arista which up until last week was known as Arastra. They have also tabbed Jayshree Ullal as chief executive from Cisco. The third member added to the team is Stanford University professor, David R. Cheriton, as chief scientist. The best part about this story is the full circle of it. Bechtolsheim and Cheriton in 1996, sold the company Granite Systems, for $220 million, to Cisco who turn the technology into top-selling products. They have 10 gigabit backbone switch that can update on the fly. The product is already being used in targeted section of the markets and has government uses. The company has only fifty employees and is moving into a market that could be a five billion dollar industry over the next three to five years.

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