– We Love it.

WOW! We just come across a great website. is a monster in the political news arean. Especially the views on the presidential election segment. This site will let anyone report from anywhere. What a great concept. They have people on the ground everywhere, this is truly unfettered results. They even have an incentive plan where Contributors can earn money when they submit news and opinion content. When you reach certain milestones you will earn money depending on the quality and viewership of the reports and contributions. They have a how to guide and a leader board.  The mission statement of the website is a global community that shares news, videos, images and opinions tied to news events and people. It is the first true people’s media. The platform provides the community with the ability to search and navigate a news event by location and category, to share and to have a discussion around it, to emotionally connect with each other’s perspectives and complete the human story. They claim the site is open and highly relevant social media site which is never unedited by humans, where anyone can report and add their voice from anywhere. It is a refreshing change of pace form the lam stream media we are pushed everyday. Think about the story a Sarah Palin political rally where you could have a story from the people that were actually there. Not just a traveling reporter who asks a couple people from the crowd. Think of the possibilities. This site is a must read atleast once a day, and anytime something big happens.

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