Tesla Delays All-Electric Sedan Until 2011

The San Carlos, California company, Tesla Motors which is an electric car start-up. Will now lay off employees for the 250 person staff and delay production of its second car, the Model S. The first was the all-electric Roadster that sold for $90-109,000. The company said it is in a critical phase and is hoping to have a positive cash flow within nine months. The mess is blamed on the current credit situation in the banking industry, the also let go of the companies fourth CEO since 2003. The new model S was to travel 200 miles on a single charge with a price tag around $60,000 slated for a 2010 release. This is an opportunity for General Motors Chevrolet Volt to be released before the Model S. This company has new billionaire money behind it as the list includes Musk (Paypal), Skoll (eBay), and Page & Brin (Google). We at Tea512 are big supporters of electric cars as we see them as the feature if we want to stay moving at high speeds. Travel needs to embrace this technology as well as the American public. General Motors history with an electric car is terrible as well as the American public. We think the times is right as it is the next logical step after the hybrid.
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 18 days
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National Debt 10/15/1998 5,537,594,092,417.87
National Debt 10/15/2008 10,326,055,380,264.11

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