Top Ten McCain needs for tonight’s debate

These are the top ten things John McCain needs to do in tonight’s debate to get the campaign back on track.

#10. 95% tax cut for all Americans – McCain needs to hammer Obama on this. There is no way we can give a tax cut while making a $300 billion bailout for the housing industry and a $700 billion bailout for the bank industry. There are loopholes he can cut there is not a trillion dollars worth. Then say Obama does not like puppies.

#9. Religion / Muslim – Obama was a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ for twenty years. He has stated his family will look for another church to join with no decision until January. McCain needs to use this to paint him as a waiting to be Muslim convert. Then say Obama does not like apple pie.

#8. Done Nothing – McCain has repeated this point into the ground. A Senator with no legislation that has ever been roll voted on is the epitome of the statement “done nothing.” Then say Obama does not like baseball.

#7. Democratic Congress – McCain needs to “straight talk” the American person, telling them a Democratic President and Congress is a bad thing. There would be no checks and balances. Then say Obama does not watch The Hills.

#6. Race Card – McCain needs to play the race card, the country cannot just discriminate against a person for President based on race, sexual orientation, size or age. The Democrats are guilty of referencing McCain being too old. McCain needs to hire Rev. Al Sharpton and file a grievance with the civil liberties union before November 4. Then say Obama cannot name the seven American Idols.

#5. Barney Frank /  Nancy Pelosi – John McCain needs to remind the American that Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi are Democrats. Frank watched the banking industry fall apart since he led the finance committee. Pelosi has led congress to pass the least amount of legislation in it’s history. McCain needs to tie these two Democrats who suck at their jobs to Obama. Then say he does not like parades.

#4. Media bias – John McCain needs to point out to the American people that CNN, NYT and NBC already have big heads. If the Democrats win this election, they will prove they are instrumental in guiding the country in the left direction. Then say Obama has never helped an old woman cross the street.

#3. Hollywood Elite – This one is easy John McCain needs to look America in the eye and say just because Sheryl Crow and Sean Penn want you to vote for somebody does not mean you should. Crow sings songs and Penn acts out other peoples words, America should not be looking to these people for political advice. Then say Obama when turning left in the left only lane uses no directional.

#2. Hillary Clinton – John McCain needs to call Obama out for what he is a sexist. Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is a better choice for VP then Joe Biden. The women received 18 million votes for president. Why is he so afraid of the best person for the job, because she is a woman? Obama believes woman should be barefoot and pregnant. Then say Obama does not like Dunkin Doughnuts.

#1. Jimmy Carter – John McCain needs to press the American people with a history lesson. The last time we had an energy & inflation crunch the country elected a Democrat, Jimmy Carter. Do you remember what happened in the 70’s, inflation sharply increased, disco was invented, and people wore polyester? We cannot let the country slip back into those terrible days. Then tell the Americans Obama does not eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

Countdown to the third presidential debate: Tonight
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 18 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 98 days

National Debt 10/13/1998 5,537,720,928,486.41
National Debt 10/10/2008 10,294,381,432,306.11

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If I can’t have you right now I’ll wait dear
W. Axl Rose Patience (1988)

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