Motion makes your phone not ring

The next step in life control has been developed by Aegis Mobility, their new software is called DriveAssistT. It can detect whether a cell phone is moving at car speeds. If you are driving, the software will alert the cellular network, holding all calls and text messages until the drive is over. Callers hear a message the person they are calling is driving. They can leave an emergency voice mail, which is put through immediately. The software will only work on Windows Mobile software, or Symbian software. The software using the Global Positioning System chip and the cell-tower signal to detect motion switches the software on. The service, which has no agreements in place, looks like it will be $10 to $20 per month for a family. DriveAssistT is a partnership with an insurance company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance, which plans a discount for users. So if this software is the gateway to you telling your insurance company, you are driving, and how much. Let take this to the next extreme level are far away from them knowing how fast, where you are, and how much you drive. So will get a message from your insurance company your policy is changing. This is due to you driving to fast, based on the time it takes you to go from point A to Point B. Maybe it will be because your car stops in high crime area for a good portion of the day. How about you are driving 400 miles a day and that makes you more of a risk based on just being on the road. As we watch all of these advances we have to remember the more information about yourself you give up the more open you are to being scrutinized over it.

Countdown to the third presidential debate: 2 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 19 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 99 days

You pack your bags and
You move to the city
There’s something missin’ here at home
W. Axl Rose Move to the City (1988)

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