Alicia Keys Endowed Spirit


This week we highlight Alicia J. Augello-Cook was born on January 25, 1981 we know here as her professional name as Alicia Keys. She was born in Harlem, Manhattan; New York, she grew up in the Hells Kitchen. She has sold over thirty million albums worldwide and has won eleven Grammy Awards. Her vocal range is a dramatic contralto which can span three octaves. Her first public spotlight was when she appeared in an episode of the Cosby Show in 1985. Her first professional recording was an song from the movie Men In Black, Dah Dee Day (Sexy Thing) which she co-wrote. She was then picked up by Clive Davis with Arista records. She wrote two songs for movies Shaft and Dr. Do-little 2 before she released her first CD. She has released four discs Songs in A Minor (2001), The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003), Unplugged (2005) and As I Am (2007). Next up is a duet with Jack White of the White Striped for the theme to the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace in theatres November 14, 2008. She has been on the big screen in the movie Smokin Aces and the Nanny Diaries. She is working on an animated role for the Disney movie, Bell, Book and Candle. She is also in the early stage of development of a CW TV series that will be about a girl growing up in Harlem much like Everybody Hates Chris. This month we will see her in The Secret Life of Bees, later this year a film entitled Composition in Black and White. There is also seven recorded songs that actually mention her by name with artists from Bob Dylan to Kayne West. She has also written three books which are songbooks that accompany each CD, her last book was called Tears for Water: Songbook of Poems and Lyrics. Alicia is not just a triple threat as an singer, actress and musician she is banging hot. We stood up and took notice of Alicia we were captivated by the Fallin video and the lyric content. She is a beautiful girl that has a great sense of style. Her videos have risen to higher level with each release and only getting better. There is no hotter image than Alicia walking the stage as she sings then sitting down behind a piano, as you can see how talented she really is. We look forward to seeing her more on the silver screen but she is one of the best artists of the decade.

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I’m reckless and feelin’ no pain
You know I’ve got no need to control
W. Axl Rose Reckless Life 1988

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