YouTube boldly goes…

YouTube is adding more real content as the video sharing website is now running full length television shows from CBS archive. This is only another step as they in talks with other networks as well. They have added a full length badge to these shows so they are not confused with shorter clips or cat toilet flushing videos. The shows include Star Trek Young and the Restless and Beverly Hills 90210 so far. There is also a new theater feature adding as an enhancement to viewing the online videos. We have reported in the past how Hulu was in direct competition over professional programming, the have claimed the NBC Universal branch. The numbers are a massive dispersion where in August YouTube had 330 million users, opposed to Hulu 3.3 million in the same time frame. This is a giant step and maybe an olive branch in the Google and YouTube $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit from Viacom. The lawsuit is over content uploaded to the site without Viacom’s permission. This can legitimate the YouTube experience and go long way in the decision to come to an agreement with Viacom following suite with other media outlets gaining more control over what content is uploaded.

Countdown to the third presidential debate: 4 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 24 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 101 days
National Debt 10/9/1998 5,535,718,268,384.09
National Debt 10/9/2008 10,266,382,646,543.62

I’ve seen everything imaginable
Pass before these eyes
I’ve had everything that’s tangible
Honey you’d be surprised
W. Axl Rose Rocket Queen 1987

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