Apple makes you pay and pay

We became very sad with the death of our iPod. Submerging an iPod in coffee in not recommended as it is a kill shot to the hardware. We purchased a new iPod Touch which comes with wifi, very cool. The hard drive is only 8GB compared to the 20gb we had before is a little shock. This means we manage the music more than dumping on anything we want. We are able to add movies and videos so we have been juggling the content since the start. All that said we can surf the web, listen to tunes, check email, world clocks and the temperature in 10 cities with a touch. So when the commercial on television showed free apps from the store, we got right on board. Not so easy, first we needed to update PC to iTunes 8.0, bonjour and safari, the total was about 150mb and a couple of hours with two reboots. When all was done we fired open the new iTunes and it lead to me to the app store. We could not load any with upgrading the o/s 2.1. So we needed to update the iTouch software that only came out in January. Here is the rub they wanted to charge me $9.99, we are not cheap, and OK yes we are.  The point is why should we have to pay $10 for and upgrade, we do understand it is a full version upgrade needless to say we did not do it. We are huge PC people and this is a case of Apple treating their users like lambs to the slaughter. We have always thought of MAC users as the same as battered wives that stay in abusive relationships. Now being on the inside it is not very fun and sad there is nothing that can be done.

Countdown to the third presidential debate: 5 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 25 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 102 days
National Debt 10/9/1998 5,535,718,268,384.09
National Debt 10/9/2008 10,266,382,646,543.62

Maybe baby you got somethin’ to lose
Well I got somethin’, I got somethin’ for you
W. Axl Rose Anything Goes (1987)

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