McCain vs. Obama Debate II – Yawn

Well last night debate was another yawn fest both candidates serving up the same old tired talking points. There are not too many polls out there, which do not have Obama starting to walk away. McCain was really in a tough spot. He needed to hammer Obama and get ugly so to speak. It is hard to do such a thing and look Presidential. Obama looked strong and confident as he roamed the stage speaking directly to the questioner. McCain at times looked like he did not know where to stand, other times he would wonder around as he searched for an answer. Eighty undecied voters were on the stage each hand picked by Zogby. After the debate McCain left the stage, Obama stayed. He shook hands with anyone as well as posing for countless photos. We do not know who told McCain to leave or where else he had to be. It would seem that as an undecided person who has seen one candidate stick around to say thank you and pose for photos. When the other one left the building, it is almost a given who they are going to think cares more about them. This is another example of why Obama gets it. What needs to be said and needs to be done. It does not matter if you cannot get your plan through congress or if it is full of holes. All you need is for America to buy in and that is where McCain has been routinely beaten to the punch. There is only 28 days to go with one more debate to follow. The clock is ticking down and McCain needs a hail mary because Obama seems to have the ball and making sure he does not give it back to McCain with anytime left on the clock.

Countdown to the third presidential debate: 8 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 28 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 105 days

National Debt 10/6/1998   5,536,217,307,823.51
National Debt 10/6/2008 10,187,754,347,408.87
There wasn’t much in this heart of mine
There was a little left and babe you found it
W. Axl Rose Think About You (1987)

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