Dad can I borrow the car tonight?

Ford is changing the way kids drive the family car. Starting 2010 when a son or daughter borrows their parent’s car, they will be a new spy along for the ride. There will be a chip implanted into the car key. This key can be programmed to limit the car speed to 80mph, radio volume control, sound alerts for seat belt use, and it can chime an alert when the car goes over 45 miles per hour up to 80 and anywhere in between. The new feature is called MyKey and it has not be decided how many Ford will have the feature but it will spread to Lincoln and Mercury line as well. Ford say s that this is a way to let parents feel better about giving over the keys more often. They did not ask new teenage drivers what they though of the program. The Ford Focus is the first car out the gate with the new feature. The big brother approach to not trusting your children is on an upswing as many auto insurers are offering in-car cameras or global positioning equipment to help parents monitor their children is driving habits. There is some technology we are glad was not around when we were kids. We loved to take dad’s big old Ford LTD to do doughnuts during a snow storm when you get a car skidding out of control like that the speedometer goes through the roof. If the parents could have controlled the radio volume how would we have ever listened to that radio full blast as we tooled down Main Street with the windows down.
Countdown to the second presidential debate Tonight
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 10 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 29 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 106 days

Sowing all your wild oats
In another’s luxuries
Yesterday was Tuesday
Maybe Thursday you can sleep
W. Axl Rose My Michelle (1987)

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