It is all about getting their attention

Today we were thinking about “the look” you give some one when you are trying to make that connection. You have seen it before the person you desire is across the room. You work it until you can get their attention. You make sure you try to lock eyes and get that eye contact. Then the moment it happens you look away as you can feel the person eyes are now on you.Then you throw the look at them your best come on over look. We use this look to get to the Victory Hair. How about the move where you watch the persons drink until there is a third left, then ask the bartender to get them another when they look over to thank you just raise your glass and tip it in their direction. That is flirting without sounds, these things came up as we are around the office using theUltimate Flirting Championship. This is game is still cool as we had an original post over two weeks ago.We just wanted to thankExtreme Style by VO5 for the cool game and all the banter we have had seen we first started using the widget. You should download the widget and put it on your blog, MySpace or website because it is the most fun you can have with clothes on.

Lindsay Lohan Please Shut Up

Tea512 has expressed huge disappointment when Hollywood folks get all political. Not because they are not allowed a voice but because most of the time it gets more airplay then deserved. Today’s loud mouth speaking with forked tongue is Lindsey Lohan she wrote today (her MySpace page) that the republican vice president nominee Sarah Palin should not be touting her daughter as a right to lifer. She thinks that the parents of this generation because children are more sexually active should be preaching safer methods. Alright we will stop right there because there is no need to continue. Who is going to listen let us drag out the resume, first she dated Aaron Carter while he was going out with Hillary Duff, and this was her first personal life story. She has had three car crashed that were all of suspicious nature. Her fourth crash she was found with cocaine and checked into rehab. Two month later she was arrested for being drunk in a parking lot with well more cocaine. You guessed it back to rehab, now she is a lesbian and has never been happier. All of this stellar character issues are not the reason we slam her today. Her parents the habitual DUI offender who served two and half years in jail for drunk driving (she a trend here) these are here role models and for her to jump on Sarah Palin, about a 17 year old daughter who is five months pregnant, it is so clear that Lindsay parents never had any say over what she was doing as long as the checks from Disney kept cashing. The problem not with what she said, it not that she is a hypocrite, those are just Hollywood traits. The problem is this is the story outlets like People magazine and other glamour sites will run with and this becomes news. Sarah Palin took out a sitting governor (with the republican machine behind him) and then beat a democrat to win the job. She negotiated treaties and deals with Canada over pipelines. She is pro-life and her daughter is having the baby. Lindsay Lohan in shallow existence of yes people has never meet the kind of person that is a Sarah Palin.

Climbing the Family Tree

A friend of tea512 Dan Neumeister told us of the website Museumstuff .com where they have pretty much cataloged information about every name in the world. You can go to the family history pages and look up every possible surname you can think of, including your own. That is what we did then we found that that they break down the names by the fifty most popular male and female names. So then, you can click on your own name a find out a whole world of information. There is a page of your family genealogy information. They will list the items of interest, family reunion information, and general websites. There is a hard target search for all online, public archives and databases for the given surname. This site was so much fun, the more popular your name the more things you will find out. Did you ever want to know of you name is in the most popular for your last name. The database has 88,000 surnames at least as of today. It is easy to narrow your search down as the pages flip 10 at a time and are broken down by first letter. We learned some interesting things about our last names and we think you will also. Thanks Dan pretty cool for a Monday.

NebuAd knows where you been.

This is the list of companies that were testing tracking your traffic and giving you ads that are targeted to your surfing tendencies. Bresnan Communications LLC, Cable One Inc., CenturyTel Inc., Embarq Corp., Knology Inc. and WideOpenWest. These companies tested in all sorts of locations Billings & Kalispell, Montana (26,000 users), Anniston Alaska (14,000 users), Gardener, Kansas (26,000 users) Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan (330,000 users). There were other location tested without exact numbers of users in West Point, Columbus and Augusta, Georgia, Panama City, Florida, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama. Some of the companies informed their customers, the users were notified by email as well as postings on the company websites about the test. Theses people were given the chance to opt of the test. This was done by Bresnan Communications LLC, and CenturyTel Inc., These other companies took many different approaches to making aware, their customers that they are tracking their every move on the Internet. Embarq Corp and Knology Inc. changed the policy online to state what they were doing. WideOpenWest notified their customers but after the fact. Cable One Inc. did not tell anyone about anything as it called the practice “routinely conducted”. Everyday the tracking on the internet gets scarier, and more Orwellian. We here at tea512 strongly oppose this practice. It is one thing to ask for my name when I am buying something at a store, because they are asking me. This is intrusive and can be misinterpreted buy the different users on a certain PC.


Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

Browser Wars, welcomes GOOGLE

First it was Microsoft hammering Netscape inot submission even with a courtroom against them. Then it was open source freeware Mozilla Firefox chipping away like the little engine that could. At last report more than 10% of users are using the Firefox latest version. This has taken a chunk out of Internet Explorer product from Microsoft. Microsoft is set to release IE8 which newest feature is going to hide your identity from marketing networks while you surf the web. Then like a shot out of a canon on Labor comes the group from Mountain View. Google has entered the fray out of nowhere, but certainly not without speculation. For years we have heard about Google Office, Google OS, Google Phone, we are sure they are all in R&D in the bowels of the Search engine behemoth. Starting Tuesday morning you can download the new Google browser, the freeware program called Chrome. It will be available in 100 countries only for PC based machines at this time but an Apple and Linux versions are to follow. Chrome is supposed to be better equipped for displaying the dynamic and interactive content which has become more prevalent on the Web. This is another battle with Microsoft in another arena except this time the battle is uphill and they have a long way to go. The other thing is Google is not open source they have deep pockets, Google is not a little engine that could, they are a big, bad steaming locomotive bearing down on what they want.

Germs on the Run

Have you heard about the EcoQuest International’s active pure product which has been seen on national television shows? The ecobox has a brand new technology to reduce your exposure to infectious germs. These are the same people who brought you Fresh Air, Living Water, and LaundryPure so you know they can be trusted. This box will put a stop to the swell of germs by killing them on surfaces using the new ActivePure technology. EcoQuest International website is full of useful information about the everyday germs that are in the air we breathe. They have downloadable resources of published studies and testing. There are video reports about Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) which according to studies has been found in many school districts across the country. KSU has said that in laboratory testing ActivePure can reduce MRSA by 99 percent. This is a solution to all germs that can cause health problems, viruses like flu, bacteria, mold, fungus, and E. coli could be anywhere in your home, school or office. Germs are on every surface including doorknobs, bathrooms, shopping cart handles, porta potties, playground equipment, escalator handrails or even picnic tables. These germs get in your body and they gorge nutrients and energy. They will produce toxins that can cause symptoms of common infections, like fevers, sniffles, rashes, coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea. The best defense is a good offense and that can start with EcoQuest International.

Scarlett Johansson – A Hollywood Star


The week we are highlighting Scarlett I. Johansson who was born November 22, 1984. She was born in New York City where she in 1994, auditioned for a role in North which was her first big screen role. She rose to prominence for her work as Grace MacLean in the 1998 The Horse Whisper. She has received four Golden Globe Nominations for her roles including Girl with a Pearl Earring and Lost in Translation. Her first role as a female lead was in the Michae Bay’s The Island. We here at tea512 are big fans of the following Scarlett movies: Matchpoint, The Black Dahlia, The Prestige, The Nanny Diaries, Scoop and The Other Boleyn Girl.  She rocked the video for What Goes around Comes Around by Justin Timberlake making the over nine minute video a must see classic. She is currently promoting Vicky Cristina Barcelona her third Woody Allen movie. She is currently working on three movie projects Mary, Queen of Scots, The Spirit, and He’s Just Not That into You. She is currently engaged to Ryan Reynolds. Scarlett also debuted as a vocalist on the album Anywhere I lay My Head which was cover version of her favorite Tom Waits songs. The album was not greeted with any spectacular reviews but there does not doubt about her awesome on screen presence, and her talent as one of the greatest leading ladies in Hollywood today. Her easy on the eyes appearance will keep her as a favorite of tea512 for years to come.


Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991