Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover

There is a cool new service offered by Roxio called Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. The website and idea is fun and refreshing. The idea is for you to get the most out of your own digital life. They actually help putting together a fun, professional, multimedia show for any special occasion or just making yourself a star of the day. The hosts of the show are named Zoey, a cute perky girl with a get it done attitude who is the photo diva, she spends most of the shows trying to real in her co host. Chris is easily distracted and running off in a different direction. The truth is they both do great work and you only have to watch a couple of the stories to realize that. Our favorite was Wedding Day Crunch, which made a huge project; with no time happen relatively easy. The couple wanted a video slide show to play at the reception on their wedding day. They showed up with a shoebox with hundreds of photos and no idea what to do. Zoey and Chris led them to the places, the software, and the editing, to get the job done. The result was outstanding and a really cool idea. They have a contest at the website you can enter and win digital toys like a HDTV, cameras, or your own Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. We really enjoyed watching the clips and there is many hints of how to get things done without hours of your own time. They drop names of services and software that can handle the heavy lifting quickly and at a reasonable cost. There is also great insight into how to use Roxio Easy Creator 10, which is software that does so much right out of the box. We enjoyed the banter back and forth between Zoey and Chris and nothing is cooler then when Zoey gets in front of the camera to strike a pose Madonna move over as the torch has been past.

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