President speaks to Nation

President George Bush went out on national primetime television to cheer on the bailout. The administration has a three page proposal which is pretty much dead in the water. The Democrats have a 42 page proposal that includes oversight, and restrictions on golden parachutes and limits.  The President appeared visually shaken as he had to admit the entire economy is in danger. He said the goal of the bailout is government would buy up troubled assets so that credit can start to flow again triggering the economy to rebound. After eight years in office two ridged nail biting elections, two wars, two national disasters, the president looks exhausted. There always an aging that comes over a president as he deals with things from the biggest desk in the world. It seems that the toll on President Bush has made him a lot less virile and confident then in years past. He spoke with the same conviction, the same unapologetic tone that there is no one in his administration at fault. He said that if we did not act fast without this bailout the country would face a long and painful recession. You thought that was what this was didn’t you? These are trying times for President Bush as you can tell when he put out an olive branch to McCain, Obama and Congress to negotiate in the White House on Thursday. The rub is over the number 700 billion and how much is given out immediately. The administration think the best approach is one feel swoop and move forward. The Democrats believe 150 – 200 billion to start and see where that leads. There was nothing more said tonight that you did not know already from watching the news today. The one thing that was clear, those bumper stickers Democrats have on their cars that say 1.20.09 as the day they cannot wait for President Bush to leave office. We got the feeling watching the President tonight he cannot wait for that date himself.

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