Sarah Palin Yahoo Email

Starting on Thursday this week we started to get more details on the hacking of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Yahoo e-mail account. This turned out not be some elaborate black hat or a Watergate type sting. The person still unmanned but I would believe by the middle of next week we will find out about the arrest. The person used an Internet café in Athens, GA. The person exploited a huge hole in the forgot-my-password feature in Yahoo email. You only need to verify your identity by confirming personal information like birthday, zip code and then answer a secret question you gave them during signup. Reports are the person was asked to guess where she met her husband. The great part of this story is the way Yahoo has been silent. They actually said this week no comment because of Palin’s privacy and the sensitivity of such investigations. Are they kidding? The reason we are even talking about is because Yahoo has no privacy. This is really something because of Alaska Open Record Act government email can be released to the public. So on one side Yahoo has been exposed as all free email accounts with millions of users. We at Tea512 would be remiss if we did not hammer the Democrats who are crazy about the Patriot Act, they think Dick Cheney is listening to them order a pizza and logging the call. This situation is a tremendous invasion of privacy, stealing, impersonation using electronic media, and fraud. This they do not seem to have a problem with at all.

Countdown to the first presidential debate: 5 days
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 11 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 16 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 24 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 45 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 122 days 

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