Bike was worth how much?

In White Plains, New York, kudos is going out to a 13-year-old boy from Westchester County who led the police to a 17-year-old bicycle bandit. The bike was stolen outside a deli while the owner was inside. The 13-year old searched the Internet for the bike over the next couple of days where it appeared on eBay. He gave the information to the police for them to check out; they set up a meeting to view the bike for purchase. When they determined it was the stolen bike, they arrested the 17-year old at his home. No names were released, as everyone involved was a minor. The only reason this story made the crazy Friday story of the week is the bike had a value of $2,275. The 13-year old had a bicycle that is worth more than most people under 25 we know had paid for their car. What kind of car is this kid going to get for his 17 birthday if he gets a $2,275 bicycle? How about if you had a bike worth that much would you leave it unlocked outside a store. It is great he did the legwork to find the bike, it was pretty clear the police were not going to. Hopefully he learned a lesson that he is receiving nice stuff other people will want and in the future take better care of it.

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