You thought losing your car keys is bad

In a little town called Elkhard, Indiana about 160 miles north of Indianapolis and 15 miles east of South Bend. They buried a time capsule in 1958. At least they think so, they wanted to open the time capsule on the 50-year anniversary view items and add more from 2008. The city has a population of over 52,000 people. This was voted on and sounded like a great idea. There are on the hunt to find any information as there is no record in the committee meeting minutes from 1958. They have asked older town members as well as any one with information about it from that era. They thought it was in the park but that time capsule was for the country bicentennial in 1976. Only one resident even remembers which has turned up another problem as they thought it was buried in the center of town. The problem they just spent money to replace all the sidewalks and tearing them up on a wild goose search is not going to happen. The city will still move ahead with the plan to create a new one for 2008 and make sure it is in the city council records, so in 2058 they can actually find where it is.

Countdown to the first presidential debate: 14 days
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 20 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 25 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 33 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 54 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 131 days

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