Giuliani bring the Hammer

Well needles to say (but we will anyway) last night at RNC the big guns were brought out. The speeches were crisp and finally worth paying attention to. The RNC finally kicked into high gear after a somewhat lackluster couple of days. The main speakers of the night started with Mitt Romney. He had to be a little down after thinking he was going to get the VP spot. He delivered a sharp clear message and was the speech of the RNC up until that point. Then Mike Huckabee came out and delivered another above average speech. Both of these speakers highlight the great things McCain will do and how the democrats can not do the things they claimed last week. Then came out America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani and he spent 25 minutes hammering Barrack Obama if it was a wrestling match the man would have cried uncle. Giuliani was relentless, witty, and comical, as he pointed out weaknesses in the democrat to which the crowd would burst into chants of “zero.” The chant was for the lack of experience Obama had at doing anything even making himself laugh asking, “What is a community organizer”? The other big chant of the night besides “USA” was “drill, baby, drill” about the offshore drilling an which democrats refuse to budge. The theme used all night was they would rather do nothing then something. Then came the moment the country was waiting for Sarah Palin. She handles herself eloquently, well spoken, and right on topic. She was funny at times, serious at others over all a well given speech doing all she had to do, there was no one who could say she was not ready for prime time. Well it be enough it remains to be seen but for today she set the table for John McCain to make the case. We at Tea512 feel this speech is make or break for McCain as he needs at least an eight point jump in the polls, at least after last night you feel it is game on.


Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

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