The Walls begin to tumble

We told you yesterday the names of the six cable providers that were tracking web surfing habits so they could deliver them special targeted ads. The company that created the technology, NebuAd Inc. is seeing the first fallout from this most unsuccessful venture. The Chief Executive Officer has left the company. He has basically ran away if you factor in that he took a job at another company as a CFO. This is by all accounts is a huge step down by any estimation in both responsibility and stature. Robert Dykes will remain on the board as chairman but has left the lead spot. The company idea had fallen flat as only a handful of ISP even tried the technology as even the results were sub par. The plot is even more peculiar as the job he is talking is with a company that is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for cooking the books during the first three quarters of 2007. This appears to be the way out for Dykes to exit NebuAd before the ship sinks and get into something else. The reason he took this job is they were probably desperate for a candidate as the job itself will not be smooth sailing as the SEC is watching your every move. We have always thought it is better to working at not the ideal job, then to be not working at all. Dykes will be the new CFO at the San Jose, California company Verifone.

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