RNC Night Two -Joe Lieberman

The first thing you notice in contrast of the Republican National Convention to the Democratic convention is the pride in being American at the RNC. The Democrats say they are all about America and they hate when they are called out for not being patriotic. But after night two we have a better handle on where that comes from. Democrats speak about how we look in stature to the world; they speak of how we need to be a global leader. When you listen to the speakers at the RNC first of all they crowd chants USA at the drop of a hat. They do not care what France and Germany think. The truth of the matter is the Republicans believe for better or worse America is the leader of the free world and we dominant all matters. We should not follow anyone, which ties in with the slogan Country First. Tonight’s speeches by Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman were the highlight. President Bush gave a speech via satellite from the white house. The surprise of the night was Joe Lieberman who ran as Vice President on 2000 against George Bush as Al Gore’s running mate. He laid into Barack Obama on the lack of experience and his extreme liberal voting record. He spoke to Democrats and Independents to vote Republican as these are not ordinary times. After it was all said and done it becomes a mind trip. You here all the time Republican represent the rich, Democrats represent the poor. When we watch these conventions we feel seem more at home in tune and on the same page with the Republicans. The democrats seem like elitists that even though they say they are for the middle class we still feel like an outsider.

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