It is all about getting their attention

Today we were thinking about “the look” you give some one when you are trying to make that connection. You have seen it before the person you desire is across the room. You work it until you can get their attention. You make sure you try to lock eyes and get that eye contact. Then the moment it happens you look away as you can feel the person eyes are now on you.Then you throw the look at them your best come on over look. We use this look to get to the Victory Hair. How about the move where you watch the persons drink until there is a third left, then ask the bartender to get them another when they look over to thank you just raise your glass and tip it in their direction. That is flirting without sounds, these things came up as we are around the office using theUltimate Flirting Championship. This is game is still cool as we had an original post over two weeks ago.We just wanted to thankExtreme Style by VO5 for the cool game and all the banter we have had seen we first started using the widget. You should download the widget and put it on your blog, MySpace or website because it is the most fun you can have with clothes on.

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