Lindsay Lohan Please Shut Up

Tea512 has expressed huge disappointment when Hollywood folks get all political. Not because they are not allowed a voice but because most of the time it gets more airplay then deserved. Today’s loud mouth speaking with forked tongue is Lindsey Lohan she wrote today (her MySpace page) that the republican vice president nominee Sarah Palin should not be touting her daughter as a right to lifer. She thinks that the parents of this generation because children are more sexually active should be preaching safer methods. Alright we will stop right there because there is no need to continue. Who is going to listen let us drag out the resume, first she dated Aaron Carter while he was going out with Hillary Duff, and this was her first personal life story. She has had three car crashed that were all of suspicious nature. Her fourth crash she was found with cocaine and checked into rehab. Two month later she was arrested for being drunk in a parking lot with well more cocaine. You guessed it back to rehab, now she is a lesbian and has never been happier. All of this stellar character issues are not the reason we slam her today. Her parents the habitual DUI offender who served two and half years in jail for drunk driving (she a trend here) these are here role models and for her to jump on Sarah Palin, about a 17 year old daughter who is five months pregnant, it is so clear that Lindsay parents never had any say over what she was doing as long as the checks from Disney kept cashing. The problem not with what she said, it not that she is a hypocrite, those are just Hollywood traits. The problem is this is the story outlets like People magazine and other glamour sites will run with and this becomes news. Sarah Palin took out a sitting governor (with the republican machine behind him) and then beat a democrat to win the job. She negotiated treaties and deals with Canada over pipelines. She is pro-life and her daughter is having the baby. Lindsay Lohan in shallow existence of yes people has never meet the kind of person that is a Sarah Palin.

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