Climbing the Family Tree

A friend of tea512 Dan Neumeister told us of the website Museumstuff .com where they have pretty much cataloged information about every name in the world. You can go to the family history pages and look up every possible surname you can think of, including your own. That is what we did then we found that that they break down the names by the fifty most popular male and female names. So then, you can click on your own name a find out a whole world of information. There is a page of your family genealogy information. They will list the items of interest, family reunion information, and general websites. There is a hard target search for all online, public archives and databases for the given surname. This site was so much fun, the more popular your name the more things you will find out. Did you ever want to know of you name is in the most popular for your last name. The database has 88,000 surnames at least as of today. It is easy to narrow your search down as the pages flip 10 at a time and are broken down by first letter. We learned some interesting things about our last names and we think you will also. Thanks Dan pretty cool for a Monday.

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