Browser Wars, welcomes GOOGLE

First it was Microsoft hammering Netscape inot submission even with a courtroom against them. Then it was open source freeware Mozilla Firefox chipping away like the little engine that could. At last report more than 10% of users are using the Firefox latest version. This has taken a chunk out of Internet Explorer product from Microsoft. Microsoft is set to release IE8 which newest feature is going to hide your identity from marketing networks while you surf the web. Then like a shot out of a canon on Labor comes the group from Mountain View. Google has entered the fray out of nowhere, but certainly not without speculation. For years we have heard about Google Office, Google OS, Google Phone, we are sure they are all in R&D in the bowels of the Search engine behemoth. Starting Tuesday morning you can download the new Google browser, the freeware program called Chrome. It will be available in 100 countries only for PC based machines at this time but an Apple and Linux versions are to follow. Chrome is supposed to be better equipped for displaying the dynamic and interactive content which has become more prevalent on the Web. This is another battle with Microsoft in another arena except this time the battle is uphill and they have a long way to go. The other thing is Google is not open source they have deep pockets, Google is not a little engine that could, they are a big, bad steaming locomotive bearing down on what they want.

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