Katherine Heigl Pure Concupiscence


This week we celebrate movie and television actress Katherine Marie Heigl she was born on born November 24, 1978. Katherine was born in Washington D.C and grew up in New Canaan, CT. She started as a child model in such publications as the Sears and Lord & Taylor catalogs. She then moved to commercials including her most famous for Cheerios. She made her film debut in the 1992 movie The Night, and then landed her first leading role in My Father the Hero while she was still in high school. She made a string of movies that had some success then turned to television in 1999. Katherine tried out for three different roles on the show Roswell before securing her part. She still continued to model and make movies for the big and small screen. In 2005 she landed the role on Grey’s Anatomy and the same year received a Golden Globe nomination for the movie Side Effects. Then in 2007 she won an Emmy award for her role on Grey’s Anatomy. She has moved into producing, her first work in that field is a film version of the Carolyn Jessop book Escape. Katherine’s next feature film is called The Ugly Truth which should be out in 2009. We at Tea512 do not take our selections lightly this woman is a powerful actress that can do all genres with ease including comedy, horror, and drama. Our favorite selections from her resume are Knocked Up, Bride of Chucky, 27 Dresses, and Caffeine. With her beautiful looks and ability to keep your focus only on her while she is on screen it is easy to see why she is a favorite of the Tea512. Without a doubt it is her acting ability that will prove she will be around for a long time to come.
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 3 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 10 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 18 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 37 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 114 days

You can have everything you want
but you better not take it from me
W.Axl Rose Welcome to the Jungle (1987)

McCain vs. Obama Debate I

There was no great sound byte, there was no knockout punches, no heavy punches, and each candidate did exactly what you would expect. McCain pushing the lack of experience card while Obama fired back with lack of judgment. We did not see either guy really beating the other that is until we changed the channel. On Fox although they said McCain got off to slow start he scored more points with his answers and clearly hit his stride in the second half. CNN said that it was pretty even although it seemed Obama spent much of the later debate on the defensive which he held his own. Bill Maher show on HBO he said the Obama cleaned the floor with McCain and when his guest said it was close he claimed they did not see what he had seen. The democrats has 22 debates and they have made Obama stronger a Clinton worker on Hannity and Colmbes said they tried to hammer him with experience but he would always fire back about judgment. This is really the best time of the year as any slip up here could cost the candidate the whole shooting match. McCain is going to need another strategy if he wants a knockout punch it is clear Obama has been tested on these issues and people find his answers credible. Obama needs to pour over the McCain record as being in the senate so long he must have flip-flopped on many issues. If there was one point where it did get nasty enough for one man to hurt the other it was over negotiations with terrorist states. McCain dropped twice that Iran has said they want to destroy Israel; Obama never repeated this and said that he was in favor of talks with all nations no matter how crazy. Eleven days from now we will get to do it again, although if we had to guess it will be more than likely the same under a different format.
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 4 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 11 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 19 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 38 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 115 days

Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

My Poll, Your Poll, Pick a Poll

We came into work today at Tea512 and were encouraged that the latest Zogby poll has the presidential race McCain 46 and Obama 44. We support McCain but as political fun, a close race is best. Therefore, when announcing this good news another member of the team said they heard this morning the CBS News – New York Times poll had Obama ahead 47-42. Consequently, we started checking this out, you can find a poll that says anything you want. The part that makes this useless is the sample. Most of these polls only sample 1000 people. The other thing is they sample likely voters and registered voters. For this reason, a simple search we found the Zogby results asked 4,752 likely voters. The CBS News – New York Times poll was of 1000 registered voters. Then there is a Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll this has Obama at 49% of the vote, McCain with 46%. This is a telephone survey of 1,000 likely voters. The latest Gallup Poll result was John McCain gaining ground being tied with Obama among registered voters each getting 46%. They have results from interviewing no fewer than 1,000 U.S. adults nationwide. Then there is the Fox Presidential Tracking Poll they have Obama with 45% and McCain 39% they get these results from 900 likely voters. We found the Battleground Tracking Presidential Poll the only one Obama is losing, he is one point behind McCain 48% to 47%, there results are from 1000 likely voters. Lastly there is CNN poll, where Obama is at 51%, McCain 47% they polled 697 likely voters. The problem is the sample is so small, you probably cannot get more than 1000 people to answer the question everyday. We also wonder if they call the same 1000 people everyday. It is silly to think these have any meaning and we can now see why. The last presidential election 121,068,715 people voted. When you do the math the percentage of this many people equals 0.0008259772146751536. There is no way it can ever be an indicator. So as a McCain supporter let us go with the Battleground tracking poll today. Check back tomorrow and we will see which poll we like that day. The old saying the only poll that counts is on November 4th sounds like only truth to us.

Countdown to the first presidential debate: today
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 6 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 13 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 21 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 40 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 117 days

Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover

There is a cool new service offered by Roxio called Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. The website and idea is fun and refreshing. The idea is for you to get the most out of your own digital life. They actually help putting together a fun, professional, multimedia show for any special occasion or just making yourself a star of the day. The hosts of the show are named Zoey, a cute perky girl with a get it done attitude who is the photo diva, she spends most of the shows trying to real in her co host. Chris is easily distracted and running off in a different direction. The truth is they both do great work and you only have to watch a couple of the stories to realize that. Our favorite was Wedding Day Crunch, which made a huge project; with no time happen relatively easy. The couple wanted a video slide show to play at the reception on their wedding day. They showed up with a shoebox with hundreds of photos and no idea what to do. Zoey and Chris led them to the places, the software, and the editing, to get the job done. The result was outstanding and a really cool idea. They have a contest at the website you can enter and win digital toys like a HDTV, cameras, or your own Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. We really enjoyed watching the clips and there is many hints of how to get things done without hours of your own time. They drop names of services and software that can handle the heavy lifting quickly and at a reasonable cost. There is also great insight into how to use Roxio Easy Creator 10, which is software that does so much right out of the box. We enjoyed the banter back and forth between Zoey and Chris and nothing is cooler then when Zoey gets in front of the camera to strike a pose Madonna move over as the torch has been past.

Scooters Suck!

We drive to work everyday into a major city. The highway is bumper to bumper so as a veteran of the traffic wars there are several back roads into the city that can be used. Since about the middle of June a new phenomenon has arrived on the city landscape, it called Scooters. These are little faster then a bicycle, easier to drive then a motorcycle, and are beginning to appear in higher numbers. They boast 85 to 100 to a gallon of gas; they can go up to 50 miles an hour depending on the size of the engine. These gloried mopeds are driving us crazy. First, the people that ride them are taking full advantage of the fact that in stop and go traffic the highest speed you will ever reach is thirty-five. Therefore, as you approach each red light the scooter moped driver can stay in front of you because of the traffic moving slowly. Then when the line of cars is long to the red light ahead, the scooter moped driver jumps into the bicycle lane. Then they cruise up to the light, jumps in front of another series of cars and then rolls back into the traffic. This switching from bicycle lane to car lane must be illegal. We think because this scooter moped thing is new even though they are growing in numbers there has not been to much decided about them. We live in the suburb so there is no way we could drive a scooter moped around our town without being laughed at. The town is filled with Harley Davidson riders that shake the streets when the roll. There is not much that can be done they always win. We try not to get angry enough to drive them off the road, cut them off, and veer into the bicycle lane as they try to pass. The one thing we can do is make it uncomfortable when they are in front of us. We probably drive to close when we should not, but then when you think why I should make this person pay for those other people; this person is in the correct lane following traffic. Then a red light comes they switch their scooter moped into a bicycle and disappear ahead in the bicycle lane and the blood begins to boil all over again.
Countdown to the first presidential debate: 1 day
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 7 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 14 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 22 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 41 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 118 days
Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

President speaks to Nation

President George Bush went out on national primetime television to cheer on the bailout. The administration has a three page proposal which is pretty much dead in the water. The Democrats have a 42 page proposal that includes oversight, and restrictions on golden parachutes and limits.  The President appeared visually shaken as he had to admit the entire economy is in danger. He said the goal of the bailout is government would buy up troubled assets so that credit can start to flow again triggering the economy to rebound. After eight years in office two ridged nail biting elections, two wars, two national disasters, the president looks exhausted. There always an aging that comes over a president as he deals with things from the biggest desk in the world. It seems that the toll on President Bush has made him a lot less virile and confident then in years past. He spoke with the same conviction, the same unapologetic tone that there is no one in his administration at fault. He said that if we did not act fast without this bailout the country would face a long and painful recession. You thought that was what this was didn’t you? These are trying times for President Bush as you can tell when he put out an olive branch to McCain, Obama and Congress to negotiate in the White House on Thursday. The rub is over the number 700 billion and how much is given out immediately. The administration think the best approach is one feel swoop and move forward. The Democrats believe 150 – 200 billion to start and see where that leads. There was nothing more said tonight that you did not know already from watching the news today. The one thing that was clear, those bumper stickers Democrats have on their cars that say 1.20.09 as the day they cannot wait for President Bush to leave office. We got the feeling watching the President tonight he cannot wait for that date himself.

Thomas L. Friedman off the rails

We at Tea512 take being American seriously; we love the freedom and the ideals of this country. There are times you hear things that make you scratch your head. Then there are other times, you want to kick a hole in the TV screen. Last night on the Glenn Beck Show, he had on Thomas L. Friedman as a guest. Friedman was on shilling his new book Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution–and How It Can Renew America. He is an opinion writer for the New York Times. His theory is that this countries government is too big to get anything done. He wishes we could be like China for a while, as it would be easier to get thing accomplished. Can you be anymore of shithead! China, did he actually use a communist country as a way to get things done? You must be kidding, if this was China even for a day, we would not be able to write this, and even if we posted to the Internet, nobody would be able to read it. Then let us look at Friedman’s life, he would not be able to write things in the NYT and hide behind freedom of speech. He would not have been able to be a reporter from foreign lands giving the real scoop on the effort, only saying what the government wanted him to say. He would not be working for one of the biggest and most recognized media conglomerates in the world, he would be working for a state agency. This is so insane on every level. The country may be two big to get everyone to agree on a correct course of action, but that is because everyone’s voice is heard. In China, it is one-person rule by party (Communist) but there is no will of the people. This is what makes America great and why people still flock her looking for freedom. It is why when they found Saddam Hussein in a nine-foot square hole in the middle of 167,400 square miles; he had a suitcase with American currency, Benjamin Franklins. Thomas L. Friedman was born in Minnesota he went to Brandeis University, received a B.A. degree in Mediterranean studies then a Master of Philosophy degree in Modern Middle East studies from Oxford. We believe without any apprehension, Mr. Friedman there is no way any American problem can or should be solved by being China for a day.

Countdown to the first presidential debate: 2 days
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 8 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 15 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 23 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 42 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 119 days

Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

Sounds Like A Fair Fight

Here is a double shot for you to start the week off right (against the right). We learned that the FBI is looking into a young man in Tennessee for the hacking of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail account. The person name is David Kernell which would be no big deal except for it turns out he is the son of Tennessee state Representative Mike Kernell. Kernell is a Memphis Democrat and chairman of the House Government Operations Committee. We did not have any information on the age of David. The other side of your double shot is Al Franken who is trying to run for senator of Minnesota. He does not have enough to do running for election with only 43 days until the election. He called SNL to pitch an idea to make fun of John McCain. They not only used the skit they used it in the first half hour. Before everyone fell asleep waiting for the music act to play. We tell you these stories because we know they will be swept under the rug a quick as they appear. There is not a left wing bias unless you want to believe a national television show, can have a person running for office, calling in to poke humor at the opposing party. Then you could also blind your children by making them think winning at whatever cost against your party’s opponent is all right. Even when we are talking invasion of privacy and stealing. This is all fair game because of the big evil machine that is the Republican Party as they would do these things as well if they could. There is a rub, SNL would not take the call from a Republican, and if they hacked a democrat’s email, they would demand the person be strung up by the Patriot Act.

Countdown to the first presidential debate: 3 days
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 9 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 16 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 24 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 43 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 120 days

Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

Christina Aguilera packs a punch


Christina María Aguilera was born December 18, 1980, in Staten Island, New York. Her family moved to Pittsburgh before she was ten. Her first professional job was appearing on the Disney Channel’s The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, she recorded her first single Reflection for the Disney movie Mulan. The song was a huge hit, receiving a nomination for Golden Globe. She signed to RCA records and released her debut album Christina Aguilera in 1999. She has released four albums (one Holiday Record) as we a wait a greatest hits on November 11, 2008. She has been nominated for 18 Grammy Awards winning five, while selling over 37 million in album sales. She was on Star Search as a ten year old and sang an Etta James song although she did not win. Christina has an amazing big voice and at the age of 18 was able to sing a High E in full voice. She lent her voice to the movie Shark Tale. Christina Aguilera is a huge force to be reckoned with in the music business. She has a powerful voice and can sing her songs with a full band, orchestra, and even stripped down to just piano. She was compared to Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson as they all released music around the same time. There is no doubt she stands head and shoulders above these two ladies as she is a talented singer, dancer and song writer. There have never been issues of lip syncing or not understanding herself as an artist. Christina Aguilera is the entertainer of the week here at Tea512 and we could not be happier for her success. We will always perk up our ears for the little girl with the huge voice.

Countdown to the first presidential debate: 4 days
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 10 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 17 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 25 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 44 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 121 days

Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

Sarah Palin Yahoo Email

Starting on Thursday this week we started to get more details on the hacking of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Yahoo e-mail account. This turned out not be some elaborate black hat or a Watergate type sting. The person still unmanned but I would believe by the middle of next week we will find out about the arrest. The person used an Internet café in Athens, GA. The person exploited a huge hole in the forgot-my-password feature in Yahoo email. You only need to verify your identity by confirming personal information like birthday, zip code and then answer a secret question you gave them during signup. Reports are the person was asked to guess where she met her husband. The great part of this story is the way Yahoo has been silent. They actually said this week no comment because of Palin’s privacy and the sensitivity of such investigations. Are they kidding? The reason we are even talking about is because Yahoo has no privacy. This is really something because of Alaska Open Record Act government email can be released to the public. So on one side Yahoo has been exposed as all free email accounts with millions of users. We at Tea512 would be remiss if we did not hammer the Democrats who are crazy about the Patriot Act, they think Dick Cheney is listening to them order a pizza and logging the call. This situation is a tremendous invasion of privacy, stealing, impersonation using electronic media, and fraud. This they do not seem to have a problem with at all.

Countdown to the first presidential debate: 5 days
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 11 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 16 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 24 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 45 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 122 days 

Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)