It is Better on the Inside

A 22-year-old man from Cloverdale,Indiana named Darren E. Roberts was released from the Sullivan County Jail Tuesday afternoon after doing his time for a bid on auto theft. Twelve hours after he was released he stole a 2004 red Ford Mustang. Then he drove the stolen car to a gas station where he allegedly stole some beer and fled. The police where notified and pursued the red Mustang at speeds of up to 105 mph on Interstate 70, until the car spun out of control and Roberts was forced to surrender. He is accused of stealing a car and beer and leading police on a high-speed chase. He is now being held in the Putnam County Jail. Is it true that once you are a con you can no longer hack it on the outside? Maybe after being cooped up you just want to drive and drink beer so without money the only way is to steal. This person snapped just twelve hours after they were released and they had to know the consequences of getting caught would be an automatic return to the penitentiary.

Doors are Jim Morrison

In 2002 the Doors drummer John Densmore was asked by the other two remaining members of the band Ray Manzerek and Robby Krieger to reunite. The plan was to tour with Ian Astbury as The Doors of the 21st Century. Densmore declined saying the Doors were Jim Morrison and without him it would be diminished and wrong, do not use the name or the logo. So they did it anyway as the posters for the tour said the Doors in big letters and of the 21st century in tiny letters. The tour went off and grossed around $8 million with a net of over $3 million. They kept all the money as they did not cut in Densmore or the Morrison estate. The California Supreme court has finally five years later made a ruling. They refused to over turn the lower court ruling which found they improperly invoked the Doors name and images and ruled in the favor of Densmore or the Morrison estate for $5 million in damages. The coolest thing about this is the Doors in 1970 signed an agreement that everything band related would have to be a unanimous decision. This happened because the band without Jim Morrison’s OK sold the rights to Light My Fire to a car commercial which Morrison rejected. In a sidebar to this story the Morrison estate money goes to Jim Morrison’s parents and Pam Courson’s parents. There is a perception which I am not sure but both Jim and Pam runaway from home to get away from these parents and today they are bankrolling them. The one thing the court made clear beside a signed document is a signed document, the Doors are Jim Morrison and that will definitely get your mojo rising

You want to step into my world
It’s a sociopsychotic state of bliss

W. Axl Rose 1991

Seinfeld’s new “Contest” – make vista Fun

Jerry Seinfeld has signed on for a new contest in a $300 million fall advertising campaign for the software giant, Microsoft. The ads will feature both Seinfeld and Bill Gates (how is that retirement going). This is another attempt by Microsoft to be fun and hip, remember when they used the Rolling Stones for the start me up campaign. That might have been the last time Microsoft was cool. Apple always has cool and refreshing ads for about the last decade and MS probably was a little sick of seeing them. The commercials are being produced by Crispin Porter and Bogusky famous for the Burger King ads. The problem could be reaching young people with a guy that started on the Seinfeld show over 19 years ago and has not been on TV for ten years. There is not a market in America where you cannot see a rerun of a Seinfeld show sometime during the day, so it not like they will not know who he is. The one ad I would like to see them do is of the old Seinfeld set in the apartment. They could have Jerry throw his MAC out the window in favor of a PC. The apartment always had a old MAC in it though nobody ever used it. It would even be better if Kramer could pick up the mangled MAC in the street and try to fix as the next scene in his apartment. We are sure he is available.

when you’re in need of someone
My heart won’t deny you, So many seem so lonely
With no one left to cry to

W. Axl Rose 1991

Hey you step away from the Cheeseburger

A story reported today is one of those that make you so angry on multiple levels, when  you do not even know where to start. In Alabama, the state that was just been raised to third in national obesity rankings. A knee jerk reaction as an ultimatum was sent to over 37,000 state workers. They must either get in shape in one year or face a $25 a month increase for insurance. Remember when we first heard they were trying to ban smoking indoors, people said that if the government was allowed to stop things in the name of your own best interest it would not stop at cigarettes. At the time we thought that was crazy, they even used McDonalds French Fries saying they were not good for you and could be banned. It seemed at the time it was just on lobby group trying to protect their turf. Eventually there became more non smokers than smokers and smokers were moved outside. This makes me feel that argument was right all along. When we hear that if you allow gay marriage, next their will be people asking for incest, animals and even rocks, where will it end. We all brush that off as you are out of your mind it will never happen as well as having nothing to do with gay marriage. But let us move away from that, here is the part of the story that will anger all hard working people that pay for insurance. The cost of health insurance for state workers in Alabama is nothing. Everybody in America is paying through the nose for healthcare; the government is doing nothing about the rising costs. The people they employee pay nothing. Wait a minute somebody must be paying, it is not free, oh we get it, you are not only paying for your family, you are paying for state workers families as well. Just when you think you have a solid footing in the world another gross oversight spoils all hope of a fair system. cheap flights from the uk to the whole world
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How do you get your Internet News?

We have seen the decline of newspaper and then a decline in network news. Therefore, with more people turning to the Internet for their news the Neilson rating system is tracking who is read the most. The good news for newspapers is as the circulation drops they can sell ad space on line as in July 2008 ten of the top thirty sites were newspapers. The number one site with a 150% lead over number two is the Drudge Report. Fox New Channel was second followed by CNN. Most people believe the Drudge report and Fox are right wing based media outlets, which is a fair assumption. This also confirms that right wing people need to go to these places to get the news they want to hear about. The proof that the lame stream media is a shell for the left is that the only left wing site in the top ten is the dailykos at number five. The drudge report has been revamped as of let concentrating on more news that is international and moving away from general celebrity watching. The Drudge report does not get the credit it deserves we believe, as it has been a force to be reckoned with since he said Monica Lewinsky had that dress. The hard numbers for Drudge are Sessions per Person 20.5 compared to 8.2 for Fox.

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That piece of art is a piece of crap

In Geneva Switzerland an American artist, Paul McCarthy has an exhibition outside in the garden of the Paul Klee Centre Museum the artwork is titled “Complex Shi?” which is about the size of a small house. The exhibit, which no one had heard about, is a giant inflatable dog turd. You know the story what is art to one person is just crap to another. This would not even be mentioned at all except due to high winds the questionable taste art was carried some 200 yards away. The flying excrement brought down a power line and then breaking a greenhouse window. It finally came to rest on the grounds of a children’s home. McCarthy did have a system where the supposed artwork would deflate during storms or high wind but the device malfunction sending the poop a flying.

When I come home late at night
Don’t ask me where I’ve been
Just count your stars I’m home again

W. Axl Rose 1991 cheap flights from the uk to the whole world
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McCain leads Obama 46 percent to 41

Republican John McCain has a five point lead on Democrat Barack Obama presidential race according to a poll released on Wednesday. McCain leads Obama 46 percent to 41 percent, which is a huge turnaround from the July poll which had Obama with a 7-point advantage in July. McCain, spent last month hammering Obama’s experience, criticized his opposition to offshore oil drilling and his celebrity status. Obama is on a weeklong vacation in Hawaii, while the conflict in Georgia once again highlighted McCain’s strengths in foreign policy. The top concern in the November 4 presidential election listed in the poll was the best manager of the economy. Partisan support remains high for each candidate as among Democrats, Obama has 74 percent, while McCain has the backing of 81 percent of Republicans. The surprising number was the drop in Obama support among voters between the ages of 18 and 29, that fell by 12 points to 52 percent. This segmemt does not matter anyway as most these people discuss politics like they are in the game, wear the rock the vote shirt, scream loud at the Pearl Jam concert when Eddie Vedder tells them to vote, then election day, somewhere between a bong and an xbox competition they forget to show up. It happens every year and 2008 will be no different. This poll is amazing, we thought in 2004 between the war, the economy, and how the US looked around the world, George Bush was toast. We have always felt that McCain was not a sexy enough candidate to keep the white house for another four years. Usually after eight years the country is ready for a party change. As the election draws closer the McCain camp has to be thinking if we can stay close we have chance. Then the woke up this morning on top, we can expect the next weeks to be filled with more hammering from McCain as it looks like it is working.

Well I jumped into the river too many times
to make it home I’m out here on my own,
and drifting all alone

W. Axl Rose 1991

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman come on down

Reports are starting to swell that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is going to speak at the Republicans convention on September 1 in St. Paul, as they begin the process to nominate John McCain for president. This is not a surprise based on his strong support for the Iraq war and backing John McCain through out the campaign. There have been some quiet rumors that he is even being considered a potential McCain running mate. The only problem is a ticket of a 70 and 66 year old does not appeal to a younger generation. This would be away to have an appeal to the Clinton supportors who seem to be unable to accept she is not the nominee. There was a poll over the weekend that 28% of the democrats want her to be the running mate with Barak Obama with only single digits for all others. There has been no formal announcement that Lieberman will speak as the four terms Senator seems destine to play the role Zell Miller played in 2004. This is quite a ledge Lieberman seems to stepping out on as the last time he spoke at a convention was 2000, it was for the democratic side and he was the nominee for vice president, we are not sure but this must be the first time in history something like this has happened. He adds to quite a line up for the first night of the convention as President George W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have already been set in the lineup. Lieberman is out of the country as he is on a trip to the Republic of Georgia, Poland and the Ukraine. He should be back in Washington by Friday and she some light on what his plans are.

It’s a story of a man Who works as hard as he can
Just to be a man who stands on his own

W. Axl Rose 1991


So today we hear that Rosanne Barr wrote some information that is stupid and even more obnoxious then her tired act. Do you need to be reminded of who Rosanne Barr is, as she has become about as irrelevant as you can possibly be. She blasted Jon Voight for going on the Glen Beck Show and telling the truth about Barak Obama’s lack of experience, lack of a definitive plan, and pie in the sky world he believes he can deliver. Everyone is entitled to an opinion even from someone who has had three husbands in twelve years, butchered the national anthem, and changes religion like moo moos. She jumped ugly on Jon Vioght, which is fine, but then she jumped on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She said they make so much money from their violent blockbuster movies they are corrupted, to bad they could not get roles in the Rosanne blockbusters She Devil and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. She said they need to find homes for the children of the third world to make themselves sleep well at night because of the ridiculous amount of money they make. This is where we have the problem did she really just dump on those two people for actually doing good things, did they support John McCain? There can be a lot said about that couple, but the good things they do with the money they have earned is not one of them. She is way out of line, out of her mind and on the way back to obscurity based on these stupid remarks. Rosanne we hardly missed you and now we know why you have been forgotten. cheap flights from the uk to the whole world
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I brought me an illusion,and I put it on the wall
I let it fill my head with dreams
and I had to have them all
W. Axl Rose 1991

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The Blog Ahead – Charlize Theron

We at tea512 are turning a corner we have been making posts, but not allowing comments. This maybe considered one-sided thinking (guess that is the definition). The reason for this was we never thought anyone was going to read what we had to say except for our small group. So as of today with this post the comments sign is always open. The other thing we have a backlog of photos that we have been saving so this is a new Monday feature we are going to feature a new pretty (celebrity) girl photo every week. We want to thank everyone that has read something we hope we are here to tell you something you did not hear, open your mind to agree or disagree, voice our opinion on a matter, lash out at what we feel is wrong, and applaud for those who fight the good fight. This is post # 176 we have enjoyed the friends we have made, there are some alliances we are proud to have made, and there are other things that makes this experience more than we had ever anticipated. Thanks and welcome to the new era in tea512. Today’s photo is of Charlize Theron