Barack Obama from the Greek Temple

Did Senator Barack Obama do enough last night? Was it just more of the same talk from a liberal democrat running for president? Did he convince the Hillary supporters to jump on board? Well if you minus all of the questions as far as acceptance speeches go, this was like a halftime super bowl show without a football game. Senator Barack Obama is a great speaker, the speech was a laundry list of things he would like to see happen. They made great cheering points and not a one of them could be denied as the wrong thing to do. Living up to this agenda would be difficult, to say you will give national healthcare, dependence on foreign oil cuts in ten years, affordable college, and long-term care for veterans is one thing. To say that you will do that plus cut taxes for 95% of Americans is another. You will hear the same thing next week from McCain we understand about the show and the high cost of playing this game. So let us not muck ourselves in the details let answer the question we believe Senator Barack Obama  did enough last night to get a nice jump in the polls. We believe that it was nice to hear a liberal democrat say he would not raise taxes. We did think he is not as short sighted as Gore or Kerry that makes it a lot harder to handle for the republicans.  The Hillary supporters are the big issue and it was not answered last night. If there was a good third party candidate with a female VP choice, he would have to be worried but we think they will come around. Overall, the speech was a problem for McCain as it was not what we think they expected to hear from him. So here we are with three months to go after next week RNC, a few debates, it will be time to vote and see if America is ready for a President with little experience in Washington or a President with too much experience in Washington.


Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

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