Joe Biden that is all you got?

Well could it be anymore evident that Joe Biden was the wrong choice for Vice President. His speech was all right, but appeared to be plain as there were times when the crowd was sitting with their head resting on the hands. This election could have been won if Obama was not afraid of the Clinton dynasty and for that reason, he could be throwing it all away. If Obama cannot handle the pressure applied by the Clintons how in the world is he ever going to handle Putin or Ahmadinejad. The speech was good, the message was strong, he is just not a thrilling speaker. There was an energy when both Bill and Hillary Clinton gave their speeches that charged the hall as everyone hinged on every word. Joe Biden does not give you that, his son Beau was very electric and as an attorney general is someone to keep an eye on. We were surprised the campaign picked Biden to be the one to hammer McCain a colleague and friend for over thirty years. We thought this was going to be one of the Clintons job, guess no one can tell them what to say or do. After watching the speech Biden gave there was nothing to jump up and down about, give the handlers credit the idea to bring Obama out after the speech was genuios, as that brought the crowd up to a frenzy and sent them home buzzing. If it was Joe Biden, good night, house lights there might be a different feeling about the way the night had gone, and if he was the right choice. They are building a Greek temple for Obama; he will give a speech from at the fifty-yard line tonight. The place will be not in the hall but at Invesco Field at Mile High. There will be 80,000 people attending the acceptance speech. The phrase republicans have been throwing around “the speech from mile high that is an inch thick.” So tonight, is the night for Obama to turn 18 million Hillary voters to back him, and reach out to those 5% that have actually decided the last two elections and turn them blue from red. It is going to be good, stay tuned.


Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991) 

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