Third time for me – not for you

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has approached Rupert Murdoch, (News Corporation), Arthur Sulzberger Jr (The New York Times) and Mortimer B. Zuckerman (Daily News) the most powerful media figures in the city. To find out if their publications would endorse the overturn of New York City’s term limits, so he could run for re-election next year. As without an overturn he will be forced to leave office in January 2010. In another case of what sounds good before the lection and applies to someone else is not good when it come to me. Where have we heard all this before? It was not long ago, he was opposed to making any changes to the term limits law, which grants elected officials only two consecutive terms in office. This was passed by New York voters in 1993, and polls show they remain in favor of them. The biggest supporter is cosmetics heir billionaire Ronald S. Lauder spent four million of his own money in 1993 to get the term limits passed. Mayor Bloomberg as recent as December of 07 said the city council should be removed of the ability to change term limits. The biggest supporter is Governor David A Paterson saying the Mayor has done a fine job and should get to finish what he started. The reason is because if Mayor Bloomberg is running for mayor he would not be running against Paterson for governor in 2010. The backroom deal between the Mayor and City Council President Christine Quinn is looking to make term limits three terms instead of two. She has been opposed to term limits since the jump and this is the perfect avenue to get it. We have seen this before in Massachusetts were a candidate ran saying he was for term limits, then he said he would only stay two terms he won election in 1992 and retired 2007 after 8 elections his idea of term limits is 16 years. That candidate was Marty Meehan the Michael R. Bloomberg of Massachusetts.


Locomotive / W. Axl Rose (1991)

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