It is Better on the Inside

A 22-year-old man from Cloverdale,Indiana named Darren E. Roberts was released from the Sullivan County Jail Tuesday afternoon after doing his time for a bid on auto theft. Twelve hours after he was released he stole a 2004 red Ford Mustang. Then he drove the stolen car to a gas station where he allegedly stole some beer and fled. The police where notified and pursued the red Mustang at speeds of up to 105 mph on Interstate 70, until the car spun out of control and Roberts was forced to surrender. He is accused of stealing a car and beer and leading police on a high-speed chase. He is now being held in the Putnam County Jail. Is it true that once you are a con you can no longer hack it on the outside? Maybe after being cooped up you just want to drive and drink beer so without money the only way is to steal. This person snapped just twelve hours after they were released and they had to know the consequences of getting caught would be an automatic return to the penitentiary.

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