Doors are Jim Morrison

In 2002 the Doors drummer John Densmore was asked by the other two remaining members of the band Ray Manzerek and Robby Krieger to reunite. The plan was to tour with Ian Astbury as The Doors of the 21st Century. Densmore declined saying the Doors were Jim Morrison and without him it would be diminished and wrong, do not use the name or the logo. So they did it anyway as the posters for the tour said the Doors in big letters and of the 21st century in tiny letters. The tour went off and grossed around $8 million with a net of over $3 million. They kept all the money as they did not cut in Densmore or the Morrison estate. The California Supreme court has finally five years later made a ruling. They refused to over turn the lower court ruling which found they improperly invoked the Doors name and images and ruled in the favor of Densmore or the Morrison estate for $5 million in damages. The coolest thing about this is the Doors in 1970 signed an agreement that everything band related would have to be a unanimous decision. This happened because the band without Jim Morrison’s OK sold the rights to Light My Fire to a car commercial which Morrison rejected. In a sidebar to this story the Morrison estate money goes to Jim Morrison’s parents and Pam Courson’s parents. There is a perception which I am not sure but both Jim and Pam runaway from home to get away from these parents and today they are bankrolling them. The one thing the court made clear beside a signed document is a signed document, the Doors are Jim Morrison and that will definitely get your mojo rising

You want to step into my world
It’s a sociopsychotic state of bliss

W. Axl Rose 1991

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