Seinfeld’s new “Contest” – make vista Fun

Jerry Seinfeld has signed on for a new contest in a $300 million fall advertising campaign for the software giant, Microsoft. The ads will feature both Seinfeld and Bill Gates (how is that retirement going). This is another attempt by Microsoft to be fun and hip, remember when they used the Rolling Stones for the start me up campaign. That might have been the last time Microsoft was cool. Apple always has cool and refreshing ads for about the last decade and MS probably was a little sick of seeing them. The commercials are being produced by Crispin Porter and Bogusky famous for the Burger King ads. The problem could be reaching young people with a guy that started on the Seinfeld show over 19 years ago and has not been on TV for ten years. There is not a market in America where you cannot see a rerun of a Seinfeld show sometime during the day, so it not like they will not know who he is. The one ad I would like to see them do is of the old Seinfeld set in the apartment. They could have Jerry throw his MAC out the window in favor of a PC. The apartment always had a old MAC in it though nobody ever used it. It would even be better if Kramer could pick up the mangled MAC in the street and try to fix as the next scene in his apartment. We are sure he is available.

when you’re in need of someone
My heart won’t deny you, So many seem so lonely
With no one left to cry to

W. Axl Rose 1991

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