That piece of art is a piece of crap

In Geneva Switzerland an American artist, Paul McCarthy has an exhibition outside in the garden of the Paul Klee Centre Museum the artwork is titled “Complex Shi?” which is about the size of a small house. The exhibit, which no one had heard about, is a giant inflatable dog turd. You know the story what is art to one person is just crap to another. This would not even be mentioned at all except due to high winds the questionable taste art was carried some 200 yards away. The flying excrement brought down a power line and then breaking a greenhouse window. It finally came to rest on the grounds of a children’s home. McCarthy did have a system where the supposed artwork would deflate during storms or high wind but the device malfunction sending the poop a flying.

When I come home late at night
Don’t ask me where I’ve been
Just count your stars I’m home again

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